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Monitor everything

Всички от основните области на вашия сайт се проследяват и отчитат чрез една единствена платформа..

Няма нужда да се регистрирате в множество системи, провеждане на ръчните проверки, и пресее през купища данни. Insites ви изпраща отчет за редовни статус и ви уведомява веднага, когато се откриват ключови проблеми.

You only need one platform to monitor all of your broken links, spelling errors, accessibility, compliance, social media, uptime, search engine optimization and more.

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Explore visually​

Review your website visually, with mobile and desktop previews of every issue on every page.

See broken links and spelling errors highlighted where they appear. Identify accessibility issues with simple visual cues. There's no need for lengthy text explanations, and no technical expertise is required.

Unlike other tools, Insites can ‘see’ your webpages, allowing it to check whether your website works correctly on mobile devices.

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Set your own targets

Choose exactly how your website should be measured.

Work with our team of experts to review your competitors, peers, and industry best practice and choose the best checkpoints for your organization. Insites automatically tracks and grades the performance of your teams against whatever targets you choose.

Websites are partitioned into sections, allowing for staff to be notified about issues which concern them directly, and to be held accountable for their own responsibilities.

See Insites in action

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About Insites

Insites was created by Silktide, a software company based in the UK. We’ve been building web applications since 2001, and testing websites since 2006. Our clients include FORTUNE corporations, government organizations, councils, universities, and over one thousand SMEs.